ECO5000 LVL Structural

If you are looking for dimensionally stable timber that you can rely on, you can't go any further than the ECO5000 LVL structural range. Made from the same process as the Ultralife Timber Decking however in larger end sections. The only product that has a 25 year Guarantee and can be used with confidence in both domestic and commercial applications.Kirrawee Eco

Sizes available

90 x 45 x 5000 F17

120 x 50 x 5000 F17

140 x 45 x 5000 F17

190 x 45 x 5000 F17

250 x 50 x 5000 F17

290 x 45 x 5000 F17


"I thoroughly enjoyed using the ECO5000 LVL range for my project and the finished product looks fantastic! I Look forward to working with your timber products again on further projects."  Royce, OPTAM