Eco5000 Lvl Pre-certified Non-Slip Step Treads

Our Eco5000 Lvl Range can stand up to the Australian Climate for decking and substructure, so when the step tread standards changed we knew we could give a CERTIFIED STEP TREAD, that builders and customers alike could rely on.  We have a P5 rated non-slip step tread which comes with a certificate that can be given to certifiers to certify the steps that have been installed, this way we give you our standard 25 year guarantee and a 5 year guarantee for non-slip P5. Just sign up as a member and receive access to certificates / span tables and test results. Then just simply print the certficate off, for your piece of mind and records.

Sizes available

Eco5000 Lvl Step Tread 250x50x500nonslip step0 - Certified P5 non-slip; standard steps available

1000mm / 1200mm.  Docked to length job lots also available, just ask.